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Crab. All cut from cardboard. String attached to be worn as back pack. Claws attached with split pins to allow movement. Headband covered with felt to make more comfortable and ribbon to tie. Eyes made from foam.


BFG Ears- painted card tied onto a hairband. Cape- from a previous Halloween. Suitcase- a shoe box covered with brown paper, string handle and decorated. Trumpet- wrapping paper tube with funnel made from card.


Clam. Shell is cardboard painted with pearl coloured paints and shoulder straps are ribbon. Hair has pearl earings in the bun to decorate.

Diver. Goggles and mask from local Jewsons (trade store) mask painted black. Back pack made from two 2L water bottles covered with black bin bags (cut to size) and secured with tape and elastic bands at top. Design printed from google and red stripes are paper. Flippers are yellow foam cut to shape and string added to be worn over shoes.

Turtles. Shells made from square cut cardboard, holes punched to add string (to wear as backpack) built up with newspaper and covered with green felt. Design drawn with sharpie. Headbands folded felt with elastic bands to tie. Eyes white and black foam.

Stick Man. Made from a cardboard box manipulated into a cylinder then cut at top to form 'hair' Eyebrows and nose made from left over pieces of same box and eyes are white card. Wood effect and mouth drawn on with sharpie. Leaves found outside and added for effect. To be worn on head or holes could be cut for eyes to wear over head.