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A collection of Slimming World recipes.: Weetabix chocolate bites

Wicked looking quiches that are slimming world friendly...SYN FREE!!!

Slimming World Friendly, Syn Free, Quiche Muffins |

Absolutely yummy, and for those of you on Slimming World, just 3 syns a slice (when cut into 6) Ingredients 3 Eggs 50g Self Raising Flour 1 Curly Wurly 1 Cadburys Highlights Fudge Hot Chocolate...

Curly Wurly & Fudge Brownies

from Clare's Food Diary

Slimming World (nearly) Syn Free Lasagne

So, I decided to put up the recipe for the lasagne I made for group last Monday, since I’m making a batch of it today. It would be entirely syn free if not for the parmesan on top (which can …

Slimming World (nearly) Syn Free Lasagne

Bacon & Mushroom Risotto - Syn Free on Extra Easy