Peonies centerpiece

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The stages of peony blooms - showing the marshmallow stage, the earliest a bud should be cut for use in a peony arrangement.

How To Grow Peonies Your Neighbors Will Envy

The stages of peony blooms - showing the marshmallow stage, the earliest a bud should be cut for use in a peony arrangement.

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Fall Lawn Maintenance

Brad and I finally got around to getting our yard and landscaping ready for fall. Since we don't have a huge yard and tons of landscaping, this typically isn't too labor intensive. One thing I

Tree peonies

In Bloom: Tree Peonies

Tree peonies look like giant paper mache flowers Genus: Paeonia suffruiticosa Tree peonies are actually shrubs, not trees. They produce woody stems and do not die back to the ground like herbaceous…

Hollingsworth Peonies - Elizabeth Queen of the Belgians

Peony Catalog & Guide

US Hybridizer and Grower Of New Sorts, Itoh, Bush, Rare and Best Landscaper Peonies

Another Peony Update 2014

If you hate photos of peonies, or flowers in general, you should probably just exit out of your browser now. Or check out some of my other non-peony posts to entertain yourself. Or read about

Peony Flower Prints Peony Mason Jar Print Peonies Aqua Pink | Etsy

Aqua pink peonies in vintage mason jar print Title: Peonies Aqua Pink Vintage Mason Jar Floral Print Sizes: 5x7 8x10 8x12 11x14 10x15 12x18 16x20 16x24 Some sizes will be slightly cropped. i.e. 8x10 11x14 16x20 Canvas prints also available on Custom Order request. MORE PEONY PRINTS/PHOTOS in my shop

~Peony 'Pillow Talk'

Peony 'Pillow Talk' | Claire Austin

Beautiful tight, round, powder puff-like flowers of soft pure pink. These are freely produced on strong stems above dark green leaves. Scented. Mid seas...


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Peony 'Pillow Talk' 1994 Gold Medal Winner.

Peony 'Pillow Talk'

Peony 'Pillow Talk' 1994 Gold Medal Winner.

Turning Mason Jars Blue

My parents are having their 45th anniversary in July and I'm working on planning a party for them. I have been seeing and pinning lots of cool ideas. I love this flower arrangement. Image Credit The blue mason jars are beautiful but expensive! So I went with the DIY on this one. Here is my version: I watched this great video by Jordan Reed. Really the secret here is the "magic eraser" it makes it a lot less streaky than a brush or cloth. Another tip is work fast and don't go over the same…


How to have fun during the wedding planning process and a stress-free experience. From delegating, to making competitions, hiring a planner and more.

Peony and DahliaSilk Flower Arrangement

The country fresh Peony and Dahlia silk flower arrangement are wonderful for kitchen islands and sunroom tabletops - only at Petals.


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