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Poole Pottery

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Poole Pottery England - created a distinctive range of hand thrown and painted pottery items in the late 60's to early 70's. It was called the Delphis range.

Back left, footed bowl shape number 76 painted by Julia Wills in 1971 or 72. Right, shape number 57, 27cm diameter, painted by Anne Godfrey between 1968 and 1970. Front left, shape number 56, painted by Mary Albon between 1970 and 1972

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Back row from left ; shape 15, Rocket vase 23.5cm tall, Valerie Pullen 1974-75; shape 15, Rocket vase 23.5cm tall, by Ros Sommerfelt 1970-71&76; shape 84, Dumbbell vase 23cm tall, Judy Evens 1974-76. Front row; shape number 32, Onion vase 12.5cm tall, painted by Cynthia Bennett 1971-77; shape 83, hand thrown vase 15cm, painted by Lynn Gregory 1970-74: and shape number 83, hand thrown vase 15cm tall, by Carol Cutler 69-76.

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