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Clo Clo London - Marisole. Vintage evening piece with sparkling faux stones Medium weight Length: 41cm (16.1") - 47cm (18.5")

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Vintage statement necklace with sparkling faux stones Length: 52cm (20.5’) – 58cm (22.8’) Décor length: 8.3cm (3.3')

Florence - Clo Clo London. Statement necklace with pastel floral design. Features midi rhinestones Length: 40cm (15.7’) – 48cm (18.9’)

Clo Clo London - Taavi. Three-layered necklace with washed-out wing embedded with mini faux pearls. Length: 54cm (21.3") Pendant length: 4cm (1.6")

Clo Clo London - Sheila. Pearl opera necklace High polish finish Length: 98cm (38.6")

Clo Clo London - Avanni. Opera necklace with beads and pearls Medium weight Wear in layers Length: 105cm (41.3") - 108cm (42.5") Décor length: 3.5cm (1.4")

Clo Clo London - Luna. Half-moon shaped pendant necklace with mixed faux stones. High polish finish. Lightlight. Length: 40cm (15.7")

Clo Clo London - Naomi. Spring-themed floral necklace. Lightweight. Length: 40cm (15.7")

Clo Clo London - Norabel. Cluster of colourful stones on chains Length: 40cm (15.7") - 48cm (18.9") Décor length: 4cm (1.6")

Clo Clo London - Jasmine. Layered colourful pendant necklace with bow and flowers Length: 43cm (16.9") Décor Necklace: 2.2cm (.9")