Christina McKenna, Irish Author

Hi there. I'm a bestselling author from Northern Ireland, writing fiction and non-fiction. My first book was a memoir entitled "My Mother Wore a Yellow Dress." It was published in 2004. At present I'm working hard on my fourth novel.
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My second novel. It's set in 1981, in the same fictional village as The Misremembered Man. It involves an attractive widow and her young son fleeing from an IRA "enforcer" known as The Dentist. A third novel, The Godforsaken Daughter, was published in March, 2015.

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My memoir, published in 2004. In it I trace my journey to adulthood, and write of the extraordinary people who shared that journey, my dear departed mother in particular. I dedicated the book to her.

I experienced a haunting in my home at a young age. This book explores similar hauntings in modern-day Ireland, and the clergymen who helped the victims to combat the paranormal.

This is the cover of the US edition of the book. It contains two cases of paranormal occurrences not covered in the Irish edition.

This is one of my three books exploring the paranormal. It presents 10 cases never told before. It's a chilling read.

Published in 2015 on St. Patrick's Day (begorrah!) it's book three in my Tailorstown series. It tells the story of Ruby Clare, a farmer's daughter who's a bit of an ugly duckling. But all comes good in the end.

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This is first novel and the first in the Tailorstown series. It was originally published in hardcover in 2003. Amazon Encore released paperback and Kindle editions in 2011.

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