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back to school classroom ideas, back to school craft ideas, back to school college #backtoschoolspecial #backtoschoolpromos #backtoschooljamaicaprojectinc
one page of what? 3 creative ways to use onepagers
Eight Creative Ways to Use One-Pagers to Engage Your Secondary ELA Students Today
One-Pagers: Wondering what all the fuss is about with the AVID one-pager? Discover what the heck a one-pager is and eight great ways you can be using them to support critical and creative thinking in your classroom NOW. Plus, get four free templates with complete instructions you can start using immediately! #englishteacher #elaideas #onepagers #creativeclassroom
two notebooks with writing on them and the title how to make one pagers work
Ready for One-Pager Success?
ONE PAGERS: Ready to rock one-pagers, but worried about your students who "don't like art"? Banish those concerns when you use these free templates with specific directions to help students through the process of critical thinking and banish their artistic concerns.
a man standing in front of a cake with the words hands on history
Hands On Social Studies Activities for Middle School!
If you teach middle school history, these are some of the most hands-on engaging lesson plans and activities you can find! Great for 8th grade US History or World History in the middle grades!
an interactive notebook with the title how to make digital interactive notebooks for use with google classroom or drive
How to Make Digital Interactive Notebooks
Watch this video tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to create Digital Interactive Notebooks on Google Slides to use with your classes in Google Classroom or Google Drive!
three ipads and a computer screen with the text digital interactive notebook templates free
FREE Digital Interactive Notebook & Graphic Organizer Template Sample (GOOGLE)
FREE Digital Interactive Notebook Templates! Imagine engaging Interactive Notebooks without all the coloring, cutting, and gluing! Try these FREE Digital Interactive Notebook Templates! You can customize them to use with any subject and any grade. Over 30
someone writing on a piece of paper with the words why i pitched interactive notebooks and what i do instead
. : Why I stopped using Interactive Notebooks and What I do Instead
Why I stopped using Interactive Notebooks and What I do Instead - Teacher Mom 101
the top 5 questions about google drive interactive notebooks
Digital Interactive Notebooks in the Social Studies Classroom
{Blog Post} Make history come alive in a whole new way by using digital…
an interactive digital notebook book for the classroom
Jen Kimbrell | Fun Strategies for K-4 Educators
Take your interactive notebooks to the next level by going digital. This post will show you how it works.
no copy foldables book cover
No-Copy Foldables
Easy foldables with no printing or copying
an interactive notebook with the words gone digital
Interactive Notebooks have gone DIGITAL
Interactive Notebooks gone Digital! Check out this blog post to see how Digital Interactive resources work. Your students will love using technology and you will love never making copies again!
a notebook with the title how cutting corners can save your sanity and your students too
Cutting Corners with Interactive Notebooks - Teaching with a Mountain View
Teaching With a Mountain View: This is sheer genius! A reader (Denise Goshert) shares an incredible time-saving tip!
a blue notebook with the words 10 reasons i love interactive notebooks and you will too
Guest Post: 10 Reasons I LOVE Interactive Notebooks
Scaffolded Math and Science: Guest Post: 10 Reasons I LOVE Interactive Notebooks
a note book with instructions on how to use it and what to put in the notebook
Interactive Notebook Setup
interactive notebook set up for high school students
the words what not to do with interactive notebooks in the classroom on a beige background
What NOT To Do When Using Interactive Student Notebooks
What Not to Do with Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom