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the inside and outside of a tiny house with windows on each side, an open floor plan to make it look bigger
The Black Pearl by Nomad Tiny Homes
The Black Pearl: a 263 sq ft tiny house with a simple, modern interior.
an image of a small cabin with lights on the front door and porch, decorated for christmas
a small house on the grass with a porch and covered in sidings is shown
Derksen Painted Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabin
a small wooden outhouse sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to trees
Tiny House Plans - Tiny Home Builders
The Marie Colvin
a house that has a driveway in front of it and a garage on the other side
Romantic cottages: Small-home charm aims Cupid's arrow at buyers
Prefab Cottage Small Houses | Cute, cozy and full of charm, a cottage can fit the bill for anyone ...
the inside and outside of a house that is made out of wood, with stairs leading up to it
This Little House Looks Like a Fantasy Mushroom On the Outside … But The Inside? Amazing!
When you first see the Cob Cottage, you might think you are looking at some kind of giant mushroom growing in Wonderland. But you are actually in the hills of British Columbia.
four different views of the inside and outside of a house with wood floors, white walls, and windows
Sauvie Island Tiny House
540 sq ft home w green roof on Sauvie Island, about 15 minutes north of Portland, Oregon. Designed and owned by Jessica Helgerson. Photos by Lincoln Barbour. | Tiny Homes
a small house with a large water tank on the front porch and stairs leading up to it
One Man's Rubbish Is Another's Residence
A great compilation of creative incorporation of discarded items turned into housing
the interior of a tiny house with wood flooring and white walls, black countertops
Enter this tiny home. Not only is it bigger than it seems, the kitchen is amazing
This Emerald City packs quite a punch in just 280 square feet, and proves that just because you go smaller doesn't mean you have to give up the finer things in life! Check out the rooms in this elegant house.
a house with the words what makes a smart home?
Smart home buying guide
Home automation – once a Hollywood fantasy – is now real, affordable, and available. To learn how it works and what it can do for you, let’s tour a typical home.
a small house with a covered patio and deck in the middle of it's yard
Luxury Park Model Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace http://tinyhousetalk.com/park-model-tiny-cottage-rooftop-terrace/
an image of a small house in the woods with autumn leaves on the ground and trees surrounding it
Autumn Cottage at Lake Vernon, Canada