Colin Downing

Colin Downing

Few pics of my own plus things I like and find interesting...
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Pic taken by the rescuer as he was near the top of the hole. I can't believe I fell down that and was uninjured. You can see he's dragging my snowboard and backup up too

Set in the not so distant future... a manned Mars landing goes wrong and a colleague is left for dead... really appeals to the nerd in me and a great read if you love endless challenge/ingenuity

John Williams Waterhouse, ‘Hylas and the Nymphs’ Have owned a copy for a few years and often enjoyed the original in Manchester's Art Gallery

Vallée Blanche - still can't believe I did it - on the day mostly quite easy, hear can be tricky dependent upon weather/snow etc, though some short sections did so scared the pants off me - just amazing skiing down the side of Mont Blanc on the largest glacier in Europe... Mer de Glace (Ice Sea)

Probably the most famous kiss?... either way a stunning picture and one we have framed in our bedroom.

Glacier D'Argentiere - We were lucky enough to ski down this as a 'warm up' to the Vallée Blanche!