fuzzy felts!...LURVE  fuzzy felts.. you'd get them stuck on your socks and cardi sleeves..hahaha.. great little game ..lots of different sets too.

Vintage/retro toy FUZZY-FELT 'PICTURES' Made in England I had one of these. I also have a newer one in my storeroom at school-must get it out for the kids!

conkers... apparently not allowed in schools these days... kids might get hurt or something, poor little mites -(I've still got the scars!)

Playing conkers before the pc health and safety consious century style stuck their nose in.use to harden them up with vinigar

My mam had these

Australia / Vintage bone-handled cutlery, once found in every Aussie kitchen drawer.

.♫ there's gonna be an ocean . . . of calamine lotion . .  ♫

Calamine lotion used for sun burn, poison ivy blisters. It is a chalky pink color. Calamine is either a mixture of Zinc Oxide with about ferric oxide or a zinc carbonate compound.

cassette tape player recorder...remember when you were taping and someone would come in and talk and you would have to restart....lol....

Remember these and recording songs from the radio by holding it against the boom box speakers? And always wishing the DJ would shut up and quit ruining the beginning of the song? I still have one of these tape recorder.

Saturday morning TV - the best bit was the theme tune

Champion The Wonder Horse with Rebel, Ricky and Uncle Sandy Sept 1955 March 1956

Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin.Brilliant.

Ivor The Engine - Happy Childhood memories of Jones the Steam and Idris the Dragon

50p to commemorate joining EEC had no idea what this meant at the time but 'the hands' 50p was always the one I wanted

Reverse of 1973 Fifty Pence Cupro-Nickel ProofSuperb and Scarce Official Royal Mint 1973 EEC "Hands" Solid Silver Fifty Pence Piedfort Proof Coin in Case Item A Marvellous and Scarce Vintage Royal Mint Solid Silver 1973 Piedfort Proof EEC Coin, in Case.

Huckleberry Finn & His Friends (1979)

Huckleberry Finn and His Friends (TV series - Pictures, Photos & Images - IMDb

Vintage Comet Safety Hair Cutter

Vintage Comet Safety Hair Cutter

Vintage Comet Safety Hair Cutter - remember cutting your own ‘feather cut’ with these!

Woolworths - I do miss Woolworths

Loved Woolworth's, and especially the lunch counter food.best homemade hamburger ever!

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