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Gayatri mantra tattoo
ॐ नमः #tattoo by Rohit Panchal at #CrazyAddictionTattoos
Stones are becoming more and more popular in jewelry pieces. However, not many people know the original meanings and supposed powers associated with stones. Each chakra has a crystal or a healing stone associated with it to improve the flow of energy within the body, and to help clear the senses and revitalize us, physically and emotionally. Check out the following guide via Chan Luu to discover which jewelry stone is best for you.
My Chakra Crystals: Mahogany Obsidan - Base, Carnelian - Sacral, Citrine - Solar Plexus, Rose Quartz - Heart, Chrysocolla - Throat, Lapis Lazuli - Third Eye/Brow, Amethyst - Crown by batjas88
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Chakra Healing with Crystals Infographic
Your root chakra or money chakra can be damaged throughout life. Healing it with food, essential oils, mantras or crystals can be helpful to have in your en