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Blood, Metal, and Stars — some recent lancer commissions/Patreon pieces/ and...
ArtStation - SSC "ATLAS" | BLOODHOUND, Cosmixian


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Enhanced, John Grello on ArtStation at


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three different views of the human body, including an image of a man in armor
H.E.N.R.I | OASIS , Dominic Jaro
ArtStation - H.E.N.R.I | OASIS , Dominic Jaro
The Unit
666 Science Fiction, Concept Art, Sci Fi, Fall Out 4, Suit Of Armor, Samurai Gear, Science
NAVI - Brand New Power Armor v1.03 : Fallout4⚡情報局
two different views of an animated robot standing next to each other, one in full armor
NAVI - Brand New Power Armor v1.03 : Fallout4⚡情報局
three different views of an airplane flying in the sky with another plane above it and below them
Unused planet and ship designs for Star Wars, by Ralph McQuarrie.
three different poses of an alien woman in black and white clothing, one with long hair
a woman in black and red is holding two swords
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