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Our talented volunteers!

Our clinical trials can last for anything from 1 - 31 nights. How do our volunteers pass the time during their stay? Sometimes, the answer will really surprise you!
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From the volunteer who created The Covance Dragon - we give you The Beast of Bedroom 10!

One of our volunteers drew and coloured this amazing picture and gave it to Liz, our Volunteer Recreation Officer. Fortunately, there are no rules against drawing poppies on a study (despite the fact that eating poppy seeds is a no-no)

I chose this mask as the winner of our most recent craft competition because of the level of detail, like the glittery designs and cotton eyelashes. This talented volunteer took home an Amazon voucher as well as their study payment!

The winning mask from our most recent craft competition. The last thing we want is for you to get bored and stir-crazy while you're on one of our Paid Clinical Trials.

A Venetian-style mask created by one of our volunteers while they were a clinic resident.

Masks and pencil case designed and made by volunteers on a 31 day residential study.

It's a Bagpuss bag... geddit? Designed and made by one of our volunteers while on study.

Colouring in isn't just for kids! It's a great way to promote mindfulness and therapeutic for mental wellbeing - plus it's a good way to pass the time on a 31 day study!

How do you pass the time on a 31 day study? Some of our volunteers like to create some crafts like this Covance shopping bag! Test With the Best!

This giant fly is known as 'The Beast of Bedroom 10' - one of our talented volunteers made him from recycled medical supplies during a 30 day study.