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6 Norway Experience

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Ride a cable car to the top of the mountain, enjoy a scrumptious open-face sandwich and get a sneak a peek into Norwegian life at the Polar and Tromso Museums. Find perfection in simplicity at Norway's largest northern city! #ExploreFourCorners

Be awed by the sun's rays as they stream through the hole at Torghatten. Climb up the mountain for panoramic views of islands and the Helgeland coastline from the top of this bizarre rock formation.

Colourful wooden shops along the waterfront, narrow alleys hiding artistic structures and dark corners lit with the glow of street shops. See it all on a romantic walk through one of the world's most scenic towns. #ExploreFourCorners

Hop on to the Flam Railway, with its vintage interiors, and enjoy the old-world charm of train travel. Don't miss out on this thrilling ride up steep mountains, past stunning valleys and lush farmland. #ExploreFourCorners — with Jigar Kansagara.

Norway is famous for the Rosemaling, a traditional painting style that is displayed on wall art, cutlery, home décor items & more. Unique to the country, these folk art paintings make for the perfect souvenir. #ExploreFourCorners

Narrow fjords, lush green trees, waterfalls cascading down mountains; a cruise through the Norwegian fjords offers spectacular photo opportunities. ExploreFourCorners

Norway's exciting attractions shout out for you to get on board! Book now: