Festivals of India

Indian is known to be the country of festivals! Every month of the calendar holds a festival that one can enjoy in India. The festivals have a significant story or history behind it. Indians love celebrating! Every little occasion from the harvesting of crops, welcoming the spring or rain, to seeing the full moon lends itself to joyous celebrations splashed with colors, music, folk dances and songs!
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Oarsmen of snake boat teams participate in the Pumba Boat race in Thiruvalla, Kerala

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Pushkar Mela 2013: 13th to 17th November. Visit Pushkar during the mela and you’ll see it transformed into a riot of colours and sounds. A staggering number of camels, horses and other animals make their way across the shifting desert sands to one of the largest cattle trading fairs in the world.

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Diwali is one of the biggest, most popular and widely celebrated of Hindu festivals. It is the time for families to get together, when traditional sweets are prepared, gifts and food is exchanged, lights are lit, crackers are burst and the atmosphere is joyous, bright and filled with festive cheer!

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