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#GrabYourDream Destination Reveal

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Here are all of the winners of Season 1. Wish them a happy journey!

The secluded island of Lombok awaits Tascha, at the hear of Indonesia. Take a look at what is in store for her:


Home to endangered orang-utans, Tarun is off to experience the rarities of Borneo. Click here to see what he will be up to:


Divya is off to the land of Pyramids! Take a look at what lies in store for her:


Located at the tip of Africa, Saurabh is ready to grab his dream at Cape Town. Click here to know more about his trip:

Wish Satyarup luck as he leaves for his French Expedition! Check out what lies ahead for him here:

Nirant is ready for the great wilderness of Kenya, rich with natural beauty and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Here’s a little more about his trip:

Ameya will bike his way through the land of wine, bull fights and Tapas. Take a look at what lies in store for him:

Namita is ready to experience Bolivia’s history and multi-ethnic culture. Get a glimpse into her trip:

With beaches, history and amazing food on the list, Marie is ready to Grab her Dream in Morocco. Here’s a little more about the adventure she is about to take:

Upaasna is all set for her dream destination, Thailand! Don't miss the action. Get a glimpse of it here: