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Nickolai Kinny- The #TinyLady in South America!

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Nickolai has set off on her first overseas journey and she couldn't have asked for a more fascinating and exotic destination! She is travelling from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janerio! Follow her journey with us.

The #TinyLady, Nockolai has reached the Independence square in Montevideo, Uruguay!

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The mandatory spectacular Sangria in Montevideo for the #TinyLady.

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The #TinyLady sends picture perfect postcards from Montevideo!

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Football fans will love this. The 1st stadium to host the FIFA Worldcup 1930, The Centenario, Montevideo.

The #TinyLady is sending postcards from Montevidoe for all those who love to write!

The #TinyLady, Nickolai treated herself to a delicious seafood platter in Montevideo!

The #TinyLady has reahed the ranch in Estancia! She is about to experience local living at its best.

The #TinyLady and her Chief Experience Officer in Argentina, ready to explore the city!