USA Family Vacation

Planning your summer vacation? Here is why USA is an ideal destination to spend some quality time with your family this summer.
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Waterfalls can be found all over America, and it’s difficult to choose which ones to visit. We suggest you don’t miss out on the picturesque red cliffs and blue waters at Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon

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A day well spent in Port Angeles includes catching some waves, kayaking and snowboarding! Take the family on an exciting journey to America

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Love the beach? Then try your hand at surfing. Ditch Plains Beach in New York is famous worldwide for surfing and paddle boarding. For those who love the shore better than the water, there’s a great view waiting to be enjoyed

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There’s a treat in store for bird lovers at Dry Tortugas National Park. What was once a prison is now what bird lovers would call “heaven”. One of the most delightful national parks, keep it on your travel bucket-list while in the States

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3,700 animals, 100 acres of wildlife habitat to explore, live cameras to watch animals in their natural habitat and animal encounters with everything from elephants and giraffes to pangolins and wolves. Visit the world’s #1 zoo with your kids, on your #USA vacation #SummerVacation

If you love water, you’re going to love a family vacation in Washington. Head to The North Cascades, a national park in Washington DC, and discover over 300 glacial peaks, lush forests and serene lakes. #USA #SummerVacation #FamilyTrip

In a city that boasts of over 45,000 restaurants, 200 types of cuisines and some of the biggest names in the culinary business, make sure you don’t miss the unique food culture of New York City. If you’re a family that’s big on food, this is the place to be:

Colorado is home to the Great Sand Dunes National Park, a beautiful haven of greenery, wildlife and dreamy sand dunes. Let your kids sled through the dunes and run around beautiful green pastures. Make the most of this magical world on a holiday to the US of A

Step into your very own LEGO Movie! Legoland California Resort is home to the largest LEGO park in the world. With themed water parks and LEGO-inspired rides and attractions, it’s sure to be an experience your kids will remember for life! Visit Legoland this summer with your family

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