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The War Of The Worlds - When I was VERY young my father used to have my sister and I listen to this.  I was freaked out by the noise of the Aliens but now it brings a smile to my face.

Jeff Wayne - War of the Worlds LP. Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds is a 1978 concept album by Jeff Wayne, retelling the story of The War of the Worlds by H.

Norman Rockwell,  was such a great artist. I love how he captured emotions and expressions.  All his works tell a great story.  I want to live in the America he painted. See his " Freedom of Speech" above.

Norman Rockwell FREEDOM OF SPEECH The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts has established a large collection of his paintings, and has preserved Rockwell's last studio as well.

Andrew kind of looked like this—except a lot younger and wearing different clothes—at one point. ("Freedom of Speech" by Norman Rockwell.)

Norman Rockwell Painting ★ Save Freedom of Speech, Buy War Bonds War Bond Sales Poster and painting to print from 1943 Four Freedoms Series World War II, U. patriotic artist Norman Rockwell Four Freedoms war bonds sales poster public domain i