Custom Cut Shapes

This board shows off all the fab custom cut shapes we make for our lovely customers...
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We're now making up custom wooden words just like these. Contact me at if you're interested. Steve. :-)

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Houses and stars. A winning combination! Laser cut shapes by Steve :-)

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This is the stash of wooden craft shapes our three prize winners got following our impromptu Facebook competition. Steve :-)

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More lovely stars from We have pick and sort them, then sand the larger ones. It's fun cutting them but not so much fun sanding hundreds if them! Still, I love seeing them all cut in the tray! Steve :-)

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Horseshoe leftovers!! I almost love what's left of the wooden sheet as much as the shapes we cutout!! Steve :-)

I cut out the houses and stars and as if by magic what was left was a house full of stars! Lovely! Steve :-)

A tray full of laser cut stars by

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