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the columbus sticker sheet is designed to look like it has many different things on it
Columbus #CityPosters
Center of Science and Industry opened in 1964, is a science museum and research center. #IndianRunFalls is a little waterfall in the Dublin downtown park. #ZoombeziBay is an amusement park in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. #ColumbusBlueJackets is the ice hockey team of National Hockey League founded in 2000. #SciotoAudubonMetroPark Climbing Wall is free for climbing during opening hours. #glossyposter, #matteposter
an image of a poster with the names of different cities and attractions on it's cover
Austin #CityPoster
Austin is the capital city of Texas. Its Texas State Capitol building, designed by Elijah E. Myers, was built in 1888. Texas Stars is the Ice Hockey Team of Austin. Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum was opened in 1971. Bullock Texas State History Museum opened in 2001 is named after the politician Bob Bullock. Austin has some iconic sandwiches, mainly smoked duck pastrami sandwich. McKinney Falls State Park is a historical site named after Thomas Freeman McKinney. Zilker Botanical Garden.
the poster shows different types of buildings and animals
Dallas Poster
Check out our latest in #CityPosters. The city of #Dallas. The Pioneer Plaza has a set of sculptures remembering 19th century Shawnee Trail cattle drives. There is an eyeball sculpture of 30 feet radius in the Downtown, designed by Tony Tasset in 2007. The battery powered Dallas Streetcar and its rail lines were opened in 2016. The Reunion Tower, locally called The Ball is a landmark structure built in 1998. The Dallas County Courthouse or the Old Red Museum was built of red sandstone in 1892.
a poster with the names and pictures of various places in vancouver, canada on it
Vancouver Poster
This latest addition to our collection of #CityPosters is a tribute to the city of #Vancouver. Vancouver is Canada’s busy seaport city. It has nine Totem Poles in Brockton Point Visitor Centre in Stanley Park. Telus World of Science in the False Creek was opened in 1982. Granville Island is a huge business centre inhabited for a long time. Grouse Mountain is an alpine ski area with chairlifts. The SkyTrain is the main rail transport system of the city.
a poster with the words it's getting hot in here on top of an oven
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a coffee cup with the words but first we take a coffee
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the san francisco poster is shown with many different things in it's design and colors
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