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a window made out of glass sitting on top of a grass covered field
My version of a stained glass window using a vintage window, flat gems and epoxy. The epoxy is poured over all the gems. Took a quart to do an approximately 2 x 3' window. A quart costs a bit over $25 so this is one of my more expensive craft projects.
an old window with shells and seashells painted on it, then stained glass
Painted Window Panes
an old window with buttons and glass on the bottom half, in front of a white wall
repurposed old windows | Repurposing old windows.
a red tray filled with lots of cups
mosaic tile classes,found object art | gathered and glued
Glues to Use for all kinds of projects - glass, metal, wood, fabric, etc. #glues #crafts #diy
several pictures of peacocks painted on stained glass
How To Make Faux Stained Glass With Acrylic Paint And Glue | WHOot
Faux Stained Glass with Acrylic Paint and Glue | The WHOot
a blue and white glass star hanging from a chain next to a potted plant
LED Neon Art for Sale | Neon Aesthetic Wall Art & Light Signs
Blue Star Glass Art - could possibly use clear colored glass marbles or half round ones with large ones added as needed use clear silicone glue used for outdoor repairs of gutters