The mandorla pair rings.

The mandorla pair rings are the first empathy and emotion relationships rings in jewelry.
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I have patent protection and copyright all rights reserved for the whole concept and project of the mandorla pair ring.

A common feature of all the series of the mandorla pair rings are half indentations in the rims of the rings that allow the merger and exclusive union of the pair in a single shaped mandorla body and the implementation and use of an innovative component called adapter jewel ring.

The mandorla pair rings includes different series of pairs, which represent, symbolize and express the special relations, desires and feelings of two people, characterizing and describing as concept the first empathy and emotion relationships rings in jewelry.

The mandorla pair rings expand our sensation and our perception, approaching, bringing and implementing the holistic vision of the single, interactive and interaction binary world, creating a new trend in jewelry design, in industrial design and modern design.

The curtain has almost lifted to reveal....the figure enigma ring.

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