Yoga For the Soul! With Dru Yoga teacher, Acupuncturist and International Holistic Expert Richard Brook, founder of Creative Yoga London. Multi-tiered platform supporting your holistic life journey. From dedicated yoga classes – including socials to help you build community – to bespoke Acupuncture, Yoga and Meditation wellness packages, intensives and retreats. Corporate wellness, holistic education and event yoga specialist. Available for personal wellness coaching and International…


Yoga London - Creative Wellness with Richard Brook

Dynamic Relaxation with Richard Brook Sometimes we need a progressive relaxation that helps the body to slow down by activating the relaxation response, rather than coming to a shuddering halt where we would be lying still with our mind still racing. This sequence I often use at the start of a yoga class to relax people before we move on to other sequences.

Dynamic Relaxation with Richard Brook - Creative Wellness with Richard Brook

Heart Opening and Awakening Sequence: Check out my latest Yoga Video, follow along and enjoy this Heart Awakening and activating Sequence. The music you can hear in the background during this sequence is called ‘Elements’ by Jolander Jonken and Joris Vincken, available from

Heart Awakening and Activating Sequence - Creative Wellness with Richard Brook

Body Activation and Energising Sequence: Check out this great yoga sequence. Especially geared towards energising the body and mind, particularly good first thing in the morning or if you work behind a desk or in quite a sedentary role then be great to do on a break! Follow along and enjoy!

Body Activation and Energising Sequence - Creative Wellness with Richard Brook

‘The connection with our Heart is our connection with Spirit, it’s home, our home, look into the eyes of another and all shall truly be revealed, the lights shall come on and the spirit shall occupy ones body, the truth will be seen and magic will be the norm, faith will become reality and the crash and burn of life and Love will sparkle an effervescent glory unto the Heart and Soul of the dance of existence itself. I am alive, I shall not be denied...

Dru Yoga, Acupuncture and Heart Energy! - Creative Wellness with Richard Brook

So What is Yoga? - Believe it or not I wrote this while standing in the pub after the last Singles Yoga class, watching everyone around me who’d been at the class having a great time at the social! Yoga is a sense of unity, which through repeated practice on the mat, starts to permeate through your entire being consciously as being your natural state. That feeling becomes transferable as the common denominator across all areas of your life...

So What is Yoga? - Creative Wellness with Richard Brook

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