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This is the coolest thing ever!!! Seriously! Evolution from classic, to modern, to Boom Sonic!

are you ready? by piink-rose on DeviantArt

download for better view O3O the time is almost coming you guys! ;O; just drew a quick sloppy doodles for storyboard practice lol. are you ready?

classic sonic dise no kiero irme sonic moderno

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Sonic Generations 2 comic

Sonic Generations 2

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Sonic the Hedgehog - Classic Sonic - Modern Sonic - Sonic Generations

FAN BOOK poster In his world by E09ETM on DeviantArt

A poster for our SONIC fan book IN HIS WORLD This project was created to celebrate the 20th birthday of Sonic the hedgehog. FAN BOOK poster In his world

Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic

Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic

Classic To Boom by GCoyote on deviantART

Modern and Classic Sonic Gijinkas

Sonic Generations cutscene by on @deviantART

Sonic Generations cutscene by LadyGT on DeviantArt

Edit2: another preview on my youtube channel! ---> [link] Edit : if you want to "read" the manga chapter (it's in japanese and it's in RAW quality) h... Sonic Generations cutscene

Sonic and Classic Sonic

Sonic and Classic Sonic

3 SANICS by chibiirose on DeviantArt

3 SANICS by piink-rose on DeviantArt… 3 SANICS