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someone is holding up a toy in their hand
Tamagotchi Toys | The Original Tamagotchi Mametchi Pet Pouch | Color: Yellow | Size: Osbb
The Original Tamagotchi Mametchi Pet Pouch @2006 Which Comes With A Thin Light Green Lanyard With Blue Flowers In The Packaging - Mametchi Pet Pouch - Lanyard ***Brand New In Packaging***
a red and white poster with the words,'february a frame for working women '
See Striking Posters Created by a 1970s Feminist Art Collective
A collection of graphic prints from See Red Women’s Workshop.
a bunch of stuffed animals that are in a box
a book with an image of a cat on it's back and the title written in japanese
Design, Cute, Fotos, Random, Idk, Aesthetic
a doll head in a bowl of noodles
a cake sitting on top of a white plate covered in chocolate and yellow icing
a giant statue of a woman holding a red light in the middle of a street
21 Giant Inflatable Female Anime Characters Digitally Placed In The City By This Japanese Artist Look Incredibly Realistic