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How to Style Shelves

5 simple steps + a list of essentials to make it look like a stylist stopped by

How to Style Open Shelves: 3 Tips for an Uncluttered Look - House by Hoff

Are you struggling to figure out how to style your open shelves? I will give you 3 great easy tips on styling an open shelving unit!

Katherine Power Lists Her Beverly Hills Home for Sale—Take the Tour!

Our co-founder and CEO opens up her fairy-tale home

Bookcase Styling - Essential Pieces for a New Look — Jenny Reimold

One of the most common areas that people struggle with is bookcase or shelf styling. There are often many surfaces of different sizes so naturally, deciding what to put on those can be difficult. In an attempt to assist with this common problem, I have put together a few steps and essential pieces for styling your bookcases, built-ins and shelves.

A Stunningly Pristine and Functional Home | Decoholic

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Feature Friday: Our Vintage Nest

Happy Friday again! It's time for another Feature Friday and I'm glad you all enjoy this series I've been doing for years, because it gives me an opportunity to share all the creative talent and homes that are out there in blogland. There is no shortage of beautiful homes all created by talented women. Today's Feature Friday is the talented Alicia with Our Vintage Nest. She's a fairly new blogger and just started about 3 years ago when they built their dream home. She grew fast on Instagram…

Tips to Styling Beautiful Bookshelves | The Blue Hue House

Week 4 of Home Decor Q&A asks this: How do I balance style and clutter? I am going to answer this question by giving you Tips to Styling Beautiful Bookshelves. It is very easy for bookshelves to start to look cluttered when not decorated correctly. To pull off a good looking bookshelf, you have to go in with intentions of styling it. If you typically just toss all of your belongings up on the shelf, after a while, it will start to get messy. This rule can also apply to most anything in the…

Styling Bookshelves Revisited

I was helping a friend rearrange her bookshelves in her family room and I was going through my step by step process with her. How to style a bookshelf is something people genuinely struggle with, asking themselves. “Oh God and open bookshelf, what do I put there that actually looks good?” Booksh ...

How to Decorate Shelves & Bookcases: Simple Formulas That Work! | Driven by Decor

Struggling with how to decorate a bookshelf? I'm sharing my simple tried and true formulas for adding bookshelf decor that works!

35 The Best Bookshelf Decor Ideas For Your Living Room - HOMEPIEZ

Whether you have a built-in bookshelf or you just have a large freestanding bookshelf, it can be difficult to decide on how you want to utilize the space. Most people like to use bookshelves as not only storage for their… Continue Reading →

How To Age Terra Cotta Pots With Chalk Paint

Hey friends! Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to start working in the garden. It also got me thinking about getting a few plants for indoors. The problem was I had nil for attractive planters. I did have a few somewhat aged terra cotta pots, but they still had a […]