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Astrology and Tarot are of great assistance in helping us see beyond that which is obvious.
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the instructions for how to choose a tarot card with pictures and text on it
How to choose a tarot card.
a poster with the words'effective tarot questions'written in black and white
Straight-forward tarot questions.
a text message that reads, tarot trick when you're feeling stuck in life grab your deck and find the death card
introspective tarot; quick and easy answers
the tree of power poster is shown
Celtic/Druid tree astrology. #celtic #druidtree #affiliate
a full moon in leo with the words, new paths are opening for you take advantage of this strong forward momentum
the before bed tarot spread is shown in black and white with numbers on it
the four elements of tarot and the four elements in each element are shown below
Suit Associations:
Learning the Court Cards is difficult for a lot of us, but I’ve found that elemental associations have made it much easier to understand and... mothwing-tarot: nightowltarot: heuristictarot:
a sign that says, yes or no tarot wants memes but you will have to work for it
an email message with the caption that reads, are you born between signs?
Were You Born Between Signs? This is What it Means… – Page 3
If you were born a few days from the sun’s movement from one astrological sign to the next, you are considered to be ‘on the cusp,’ and this has special meaning for you from an astrological perspective.
an image of the stars in the sky with words above it that read, underlining the planets
What is Astrology?
Woo Woo, Birth Chart Astrology, Learn Astrology, Moon Magic, Birth Chart
Discover Your Cosmic Super Powers
a diagram showing the steps to read
nightkitchentarot:“Wherever possible, I have credited the creators of the Tarot spreads I share. But since I have been collecting and creating spreads for quite a few years, some sources have been lost in the mists of time. If a spread you see here...
the moon phases in astrology
Astrology software, charts, reports, plus free horoscope!
Follow along with the Moon Phases. Utilize the gift of astrology to flow with the natural rhythms of life.
an image of what are my next steps? written in black and white on parchment paper
What are the next steps in my path?
Welcome Witches — infinitethreads: What are the next steps in my...