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an eye with the words, your perception of me is a reflection of you
Norman, OK Real Estate Agents
a quote that reads, silence is the language of the wise
The Simply Luxurious Life (simplyluxurious) on Pinterest
a black and white photo with the words, science is better than unmecesary drama
an image of a quote from the famous tv show,'you don't fall in love with the genderer, you fall in love with the person
19 Quotes For Lesbians To Shout From The Rooftop
a quote that reads, just because i don't react, doesn't mean i
Photo (The Good Vibe)
a rock with writing on it that says, be you the world will adjut
Be you
two cartoon characters sitting next to each other on top of a wooden bench with the caption saying, worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening
the quote you are loved, you are beautiful, you are important on rainbow watercolor background
you are safe with me sticker in multicolored circles on a white background
a quote that reads maybe you should look at how you're treating me before you complain how i react to you
Think about it!
a black and white photo with the words don't let someone get comfortable disrespecting you