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a white plate with red lines on the side against a dark blue background, top view
Atelier Leda
four different bowls and spoons with colorful plates on them
mirrormirror: Things I Am Loving: Nicole Porter Hardwood Bowls
colorful vases and bowls with tulips in them
Pencil Shavings for Jill Rosenwald: Launched! | Pencil Shavings Studio
a white bowl with colorful paint splattered on it next to paints and brushes
DIY Modern Brushstroke Vase
two colorful vases sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table with flowers in the background
a white plate with multicolored dots and lines on the edge, sitting on a wooden surface
a white plate topped with a sea shell on top of a wooden table
How to decorate a plate
two plates sitting on top of a white table next to each other, one with an orange and blue design
Anthropologie Georgi Side Plate