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Syn Free Pancakes

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Porridge oat biscuits (healthy B)

I don't know about you lot, but I love anything "Oaty". You're talkin' flapjacks, hobnobs, porridge, muesli - get in my tummy! Furthermore, oats - when not doused in sugar and butter - are actually incredibly good for us. They are known as one of the best "complex carbohydrates" - meaning it takes longer for the body to release the sugar contained in them. This is great news for us, as we are less prone to sugar cravings this way and you will feel fuller for longer! They are also cheap as…

Porridge oat biscuits (healthy B)

A few of weeks ago we started a Facebook Group for those people who wanted to talk to us about not only our recipes, but Slimming World friendly food in general. As chefs we're really lucky that we are in a position to help people from a culinary point of view. We're

Summer Strawberry Oat Muffins | Slimming World