Jeremy Corbyn

Commons confidential: Comrade Corbyn the coverstar

Theresa May vs Cassetteboy

Cassetteboy Takes On Theresa May Ahead of UK General Election

Trump May

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Hillary Clinton

In Search of Liberty is a dramatic-comedy motion picture that is being produced to not only entertain people, but to educate young and old alike about the value and benefits of the U. Constitution…what it is and what it means to our very freedom.

Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo featured two cartoons mocking the death of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi who was found dead recently on a Turkish beach. The cartoons come just ei.

"Your mum." - David Cameron  Image source: The Guardian

David Cameron stands by criticism of Trump's Muslim comments

Benjamin Netanyahu and Cameron

Cameron's Relationship with Netanyahu Exposes His "Security" Hypocrisy

House of Lords

ESA benefit cuts forced through by Tories on ‘black day for disabled people’ Lords ran out of options after the Speaker of the Commons attacked a 'financial privilege' to the Welfare Bill

Greek Debt

Greece and Europe miles apart as crisis talks start

Image source: The Guardian

George Osborne is now in the sixth year of his Chancellorship. It is an achievement to survive so long - and he has never looked more secure than he did yesterday, writes QUENTIN LETTS.