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a gift wrapped in white lace and with a bow on the top is sitting on a table
Tulle & Lace & Powdered Sugar
Lace & Tulle
earrings are hanging from the clothes line with name tags attached to them, along with other items
Account Suspended
I like how this earring card is folded w/ the shorter side to the front with a label and then a simple design on the inside that the earrings lay against.
a brown package tied with twine on top of a white wooden floor
5 Last Minute Tips for Holiday Sales in Your Online Shop -
An excellent gift wrap idea.
a present wrapped in brown paper with a pink ribbon and a tag that says i'm dreaming of a christmas
Free Holiday Gift Tags
paiges of style: Free Holiday Gift Tags full of sparkle wishes
valentine's wax seal envelopes with stamps on them
Valentine’s Day Wax Seal - Finding Home Farms
I have always wanted to have a wax seal! These are made simply from rubber stamps and household candles. So, now I can!
a round box tied up with twine
Besotted -
Make a faux wax seal out of air dry clay + rubberstamp. I bet I could use my wax stamp too.
a series of photographs showing different types of clocks on wooden boards with text overlaying them
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Diy wax stamp
four white gift boxes with blue ribbon and red wax stamp on the top one has a bow
Mr. Boddington's Studio
clean. ribbon & wax stamp. Mr. Boddington's Studio
a red wax stamp sitting on top of a piece of paper
Tall Ship Themed Custom Wedding Invitation
Hello Lucky custom wax stamp. Use wax seals for wrapping.
soaps wrapped in orange and white ribbons on a wooden table
old light bulbs as vases by TinyCarmen
Soaps wrapped like a package with a little soap like wax stamp
the wax seal kit is in its box
Size: One Size|Color: As Shown Wax Seal Kit. Wax seals add a unique and charming style to your favorite stationary. Use to enhance invitations, announcements and any card for any occasion. This package contains one metal stamper measuring 2-3/4" high with a 3-4" diameter brass stamping head of a 3d heart and four 2-1/2" x 3/8" x 3/8in wax sticks: each produces approximately fifteen seals.
a red seal set with a wax stick and stamper in the package for sale
Our Best Card Making Deals - MANUSCRIPT-Classic Ceramic Initial Seal and Red Wax Set. Sealing has served its purpose as a personal signature for years. Embellish you gifts and greetings with a truly personal touch. This package contains one stamp and one stick of red wax. $11.23
four different colored eyeshades in a clear container with the words, beauty and style written on it
CLEARSNAP ColorBox Cat's Eye Queue Pigment Inkpads 6/Package, Baby's Breath
ColorBox Cat's Eye pigment pads. 6 nesting mini ink pads for the price of 1 full size. I like to use small stamps instead of wax seals on international letters, because seals tend to break with that much handling.
two pieces of fabric with tags attached to them
Stitched Paper Ideas
etsy packaging ideas..this will come in handy when I start selling my jewelry online.  Love the new Chloe + Isabel "Message in a Bottle" charm pendant line! Cute packaging ready to gift! #chloeandisabel #jewelry #fashion  #necklaces #holiday #gift Love, Message In A Bottle, Gifts For Her, Little Gifts, Cute Packaging, Forget, Bottle Charms
Awe.some Love the new Chloe + Isabel "Message in a Bottle" charm pendant line! Cute packaging ready to gift! #chloeandisabel #jewelry #fashion #necklaces #holiday #gift