kazumi kanemitsu

kazumi kanemitsu

...Anime world / I am cool girl who luvs anime,manga,chocolates,ice-cream ,sketching and reading books!hope we can be friends?:)am new also arigato for the peep who read this✌
kazumi kanemitsu
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I lost my composure at King Cold and his princess. Lost my mind at Cell.

Just DBZ things. The Krillin and 18 one was the only sweet one. Everything else was funny

Super Saiyan Nappa. So that's what he would look like, I always imaged he would have gold armpit hair.

Super Saiyan Nappa ^I gotta admit, that's pretty funny. For Nappa would grow an epic beard, lol.

Shiny teeth- shiny teeth!

Vegeta, the prince of the saiyan, "villain Dragon Ball Z" by Akira Toriyama

Am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that Trunks is so much taller than his Dad, Vegeta?!

Future Trunks and Vegeta Photo: Vegeta is pretty short compared to his son LOL. This Photo was uploaded by Rei_sama

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Honestly krillin is tge weakling but he did trigger the super saiyan in goku. Watch freeza saga to see goku go super saiyan for the first time.