Goldsworthy in Provence

French artist Sylvain Meyer has made these really cool land art installations. Using bark, leaves, and stones, Meyer creates these fantastic sculptures and textures by modifying the natural landscape.

Karl Blossfeldt, Polystichum munitum, Holly fern, young unrolling leaf


Karl Blossfeldt I Polystichum munitum I Holly fern, young unrolling leaf

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy, "Leaves polished, greased made in the shadow of the tree from which they fell, pinned to the ground with thorns" August 1989

"The Tube Station" linocut by Cyril Edward Power. Tags: Linocut, Cut, Print, Linoleum, Lino, Carving, Block, Woodcut, Helen Elstone, Underground, Staircase, Stairs, Industrial, Spiral.

Cyril Edward Power ~ The Tube Staircase, 1929 (linocut) (Long staircase)

m.c. escher =)

Escher painting the mural decoration of the chapel of the third cementery of Utrecht, Netherlands.

The Koru, Maori symbol of creation - Aoteroa

It looks kinda scary to me because it remains me of a snail (and I'm scared of snails), but it also reminds me to Alice in Wonderland.