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Knowing Jesus - Asking for Strength thru Chronic Pain from Invisible Illness.

Nighttime prayer

Prayer before sleep. das a powerful bed-time prayer.

For my sister's <3

Prayer for sisters I pray for her healing.but I no longer have a relationship with her because of how she behaves. I realized I needed away from her & our mother.they are 2 peas in a pod of narcissistic abuse

A great inspirational prayer.  Debbie Kay - prayer in dealing with hardships, sickness, loss

A great inspirational prayer. Debbie Kay - prayer in dealing with hardships, sickness, loss Amen

Yes,I thank God, just God, only God for what I have. Now, I want the narcissistic stalking perverts to get the hell out of our lives and house!

Good advice from Snoopy!

Always Believe that something wonderful it going to happen Even with all the ups and downs never take a day for granted Smile cherish the little things and remember to hug the ones you really love.

Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” -Mark 5:36

Discover how God provides through inspirational Bible verses, meaningful quotes, inspirational words, and Christian articles.


If God answers your prayes, He is increasing your faith. If He delays, He is increasing your patience. If He doesn't answer, He has something better for you.

HE calls me lovely

God will provide, thanks be to God, Amen

Love will find a way

What’s meant to be will be

Just meant to be.

Soul mates: Sometimes you meet a person and you just click - you're comfortable with them, like you've known them your whole life, and you don't have to pretend to be anyone or anything. this is so true

The Knots Prayer... I need to pray this daily.

There are 2 prayers you should know backwards & forwards.The Lord's Prayer…

Jesus respondeu "você não entende o que estou fazendo, mas algum dia você vai".

When You Don't Understand God's Plans

When You Don't Understand God's Plans (Top Quotes Bible Verses)

Morning prayer

A wonderful simple prayer for the morning. Every morning.

Spiritual Inspiration : Photo

Sometimes God closes doors because it's time to MOVE forward. He know you won't move unless your circumstances force you. Trust the transition. God's got you! I really really hope