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two small pieces of felt sitting on top of a table next to a spool of thread
Ideas para ordenar tus materiales
Un mes más volvemos a daros varias ideas creativas y originales para trabajar mejor y tener tus materiales ordenados. Son ideas sencillas pe...
two pieces of cloth hanging from strings on a white background, one has a bat and the other is a leaf
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Lil' Keeper - Acorn House Designs
an assortment of fabric pieces laid out on a purple surface
Modified Quaker Sewing Bag
Sewing Organizer Bag Tutorial Ideas, Clothes, Diy, Haken, Couture Facile, Stricken, Patrones, Costura, Inspo
Sewing Organizer Bag Tutorial
two pictures show the inside of an origami envelope with buttons on it, and one has a zippered closure
Wallet Envelop
four different types of hair pins in various shapes and sizes, including one with a ball on it
XGNG Pin Cushions Adjustable Needle Pin Cushions Multifunctional Floral Pattern Sewing Needle Cushion Finger Pincushion Pin Cushion Ring Floral Pattern Finger Pincushion Pin Holder
PRICES MAY VARY. Durable: The pincushion is made of high quality felt material, and the needle sleeve is strong and durable. A safe place to store the pins. Versatile: This handmade needle felt cushion can store different types of quilting needles, sewing needles, perfect for sewing enthusiasts or handicrafts. Retro Design: Retro design adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness, making it not only a functional tool, but also a decorative craft sewing accessory. Portable: This finger clip needle pa
three small pumpkins are sitting next to each other on a white tablecloth surface
French Needlework Kits, Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Sophie Digard
an old hat is sitting on a doily
Felt, Bijoux, Broche, Sew
an image of fabric trays with scissors and sewing needles on it, surrounded by other crafting supplies
15-Minute Upcycled Fabric Tray Tutorial
15 Minute Upcycled Fabric Tray Tutorial – Plush Addict