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a crocheted necklace is shown on a table
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
the instructions for crocheted doily are shown
Community wall photos – 1,619 photos
the instructions for this brochure are shown in pink and white, with pearls on it
Links to Free, Online Plant & Flower Tatting Patterns and Diagrams
a purple beaded bracelet with pearls and beads
a white and black brooch sitting on top of a cloth covered tablecloth with beads
a crocheted white flower with green leaves on a red tablecloth, in the shape of a snowflake
Spilla con rosa
a brooch with red beads and a white rose on it's back side
Tatted Pendant
an open book with instructions on how to make flower arrangements in japanese language and english
���� #53 - Yasashiku_Tatting_Lace - mula
the instructions for bead flor are displayed on a table
many different colored flowers are sitting on a black tablecloth with white and red trimmings
Beautiful tatted roses ***
an arrangement of purple and white flowers on a wall
3D collection No.3
the instructions for crochet flowers are shown in an open book, with pictures of them
���� #38 - Yasashiku_Tatting_Lace - mula
a crocheted pink flower sitting on top of a blue surface
Tatting Techniques | Cariad Tatting
Cariad Tatting, free patterns and tutorials