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a mountain with the words madrogada written in spanish and english on it
203 Most Beautiful Untranslatable Words [The Ultimate List: A-Z]
a coffee cup with steam coming out of it and the words borbboygmi in
the words gumussservi are written in white on a dark background with water
Word of the Day #51
a black and white photo with the words alexithymia in it
This always happens to me!!
the words brontide are written in white on a green field with mountains in the background
there is a house in the middle of some trees and foggy mountains behind it
a jellyfish floating in the ocean with words faodi n a lucky find
12 Beautiful Scottish Word That Will Brighten Your Day A Little Bit
the words nemophilist written in white on a forest background with trees and ferns
the words nuddle are written in black and white
Cian McCarthy on X
Cian McCarthy on Twitter: "Words for the Weekend 🙌 Pick your winner. 😃 A B C D https://t.co/LPi24wztOZ" / Twitter
a person riding a horse in front of a waterfall with the caption stunfrei
Creative Travel Words with Beautiful Meanings | Tale of 2 Backpackers
a fire with the caption peiskos in the feeling you get when you sit in front of a fireplace and enjoy its warmth
Oh definetly not. They don't pay enough. Even after working here for awhile, the pay increase I feel isn't worth it. They have really great school benefits so that's the main reason I'm still there. I wouldn't mind being a manager. I don't know if I could do it for PH though. I'd have to go above a GM but my job is already a big pain in the ass. I can't imagine going higher.