Moon river, I'd love if there were actually a place where this could happen

21 Breathtaking Images Of Moon That Will Make You Think If It's Real Or Not

As the edge of the moon touched the top of the waterfall the cascade turned the color of the pale yellow moon. Slowly the light touched the river and began to flow down the river. He watched, pensive, as his cloak flapped int he light breeze.

By Philipp Igumnov |

Encanta pensar que algo tão destrutivo poderia ser comestível, ah claro tipo coca cola. I enjoy this artwork because it uses something so large (mushroom cloud) and make it miniature, and then being cut by a knife.

Maps are an interesting motif of a journey,however I think they add too much business in a lot of pieces,and so detail has to be cut out of the subject,such as tone and shadowing in this piece shown. It represents a physical journey throughout a place, and provides a detailed canvas,however I do not think I would carry this idea forward to a final piece.

New maps illustrations by Ed Fairburn

Incredible New Portraits Carved from Old Military Maps - Stafford Lane by Ed Fairburn via My Modern Metropolis

Envol. I love this painting! flying sheep well, they are field clouds after all cool surreal art for wool lovers

I love this painting! flying sheep well, they are field clouds after all cool surreal art for wool lovers

This picture portrays eating disorder by showing a prison cell with a TRAPPED prisoner unable to escape but is staring at light and FREEDOM so close but out of reach. The silhouette is STOOPED in a forlorn manner.

I love this, being a prisoner in your own mind, feeling like that's where you're trapped, in Your own head trying to find a way out but you cant depression and anxiety is hard to deal with and I think this a beautiful way to describe it

Hikaru Cho’s surreal body manipulations.... pinned by Liberhada ♥

me/chooosan These body artworks by Japanese art student Chooo-San are just mind blowing. Because the images are drawn by using acrylic paint without any type of today’s technology or anything to change the picture afterwards.

I like the aesthetic of cutting out an image and placing it in all different places. This could connect to my theme as it could represent how children how been misplaced and changed over generations.

wetheurban: “ Handmade Collages by Pablo ThecuadRo Keeping old school craft alive in the digital era! A closer look at the mind-bending handmade collage artworks of Spanish photographer and artist.

MadMen Series (I) - London based artist Claire Pestaille - It is really simply, but with deep expression . I really like the colours using on that. First view is clear, and actually the main thing on the collage is switch.

I'd caption this 'he's waiting to get turned on' (esur-faced light switch via artsxdesign)

He feel asleep on what he mistakenly thought was grass! kn  artist vladimir kush

Dream imagination surrealism Surreal art man fly book in the sky paintings by Vladmir Kush man in grass field look at the sky

Reading, UK Artist: Carl Beazley

Reading, UK artist Carl Beazley

Who: UK artist Carl Beazley What:'Pigeon!'-oil on canvas Why: I like this piece of surreal and distorted portrait as Beazley created illusions of different faces of the same person to show confusion to the audience.

carl-beazley_02                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Carl Beazley

UK based artist Carl Beazley is the artist behind this collection of surreal portrait paintings, the project is called 'Where's Your Head'.

Incredible Concept Art by Gediminas Pranckevicius

Incredible Concept Art by Gediminas Pranckevicius

"Time" by Lithuanian artist ©Gediminas Pranckevicius, Used as an album cover: "The Midsummer Station" by Owl City.

Ville Javat. Out of Place Collage.

Amélie Chunleau aka Villejavat, has depicted the sighting of a mischievous giant pouring tomato sauce into a Nepalese valley.