Slapton Ley is the largest natural lake in south-west England. Although it is only separated from the sea by a narrow shingle bar, it is entirely freshwater.The lake is surrounded by Reedbeds, marshes and woodland habitats and is a great location for wildlife and bird-watching. It's approx. 2.5 miles from Dittiscombe Holiday Cottages - about a 50 minute walk down leafy lanes and farmyard trails.

Moorland, Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England - The place of inspiration for my daughter's name...Devon Clare

I love Salcombe in Devon, UK just such a stunning place, as you drive down the hill approaching Salcome you glimpse the sparkling sea through the trees, it looks like the south of France, do go if you can

Watersmeet, Devon, England - there's something so appealing about a stream or brook.

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