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Kid-friendly rubric/checklist for student writing- perfect for writing station or creative writing assignments!
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Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

My sweet friend and co-worker asked if I would put together a kid-friendly rubric for writing. Seeing as today is her birthday (Happy birth...

7 Powerful Ways to Respond When Your Child Complains – Big Life Journal
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7 Powerful Ways to Respond When Your Child Complains

Complaining and whining are two of the most frustrating things parents face. They are also completely normal. In fact, the average adult complains 30 times a day, or 9 minutes total! Here are 7 effective strategies to help kids express their dissatisfaction in healthier, more positive ways.

How to nuture a child's mental health
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How to nuture a child's mental health

Learning to think like an artist.
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I Am ... Great project. Could do it for others in class- each student writes one thing on another's paper, or make for Volunteer Appreciation- volunteers are...

Friday Art Feature - I Am ...

We had our first official art class of the year this week. I decided to start off with an easy one so everyone could feel successful with their project. And the final results couldn't be more beautiful in our classroom! I think I may be a tad OCD - that empty space in the bottom is driving me crazy!!! I have 23 students this year, so with room for 24 spots on our blackboard, I also plan on making an art project each time we do one. Unfortunately, I am STILL waiting on one student to finish…

Why Doodling Matters

Why Doodling Matters (draft 1)

As Temple Grandin says, "the world needs all kinds of minds." and some of those minds "think in pictures". Doodling is a form of external thought that allows you to visualize the connections you are making while thinking. In the conscious mind, doodling can assist concentration and focus but even in the unconscious mind, while doodling and day dreaming connections are made. As Steven Johnson says, the "mind's primordial soup" can lead to "serendipitous collisions of creative insight"…

elements of art

elements of art

What to do when they're done poster!
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What to do when they're done poster!


41 Family Rituals That Teach Responsibility, Kindness, and Compassion

Family rituals allow you to slow down and connect, and they’re associated with all sorts of powerful benefits. You probably have several family rituals and traditions of your own, perhaps without even realizing it. But if you don’t have rituals yet, or if you’d like to create some new ones, read on for inspiring examples of family traditions and rituals!

Illustrating our writing - Spotted in First Grade: Writing in My Classroom

Writing in My Classroom

Writing has been one of my of the many things I have focused on this summer. I have created some writing resources for my classroom, but I ...

(sample page) Kindergarten Common Core Number Strategy Posters: {Math Wall) $
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Ways to Show Numbers {Strategy Posters} Math for Kindergarten and First

9 posters for mini lessons for Math Workshop/Stations or your Math Word Wall. Use to create an anchor chart too!Posters are "I can" statements. Includes:How Can I Show Numbers? (header)"I can use my fingers""I can use a ten frame""I can use a numeral""I can use a domino" "I can use a die""I can use ...

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Elements poem-I am doing the elements with my grade 3/4's at the moment. Only trouble is there is no mention of Form in the poem. Will use it anyway - very cool.
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The Secret to Disciplining a child Effectively

Inside: Learn the most common oversight when it comes to disciplining a child and how shifting your perspective on your child's behaviors will help improve them. I think most of us would like to consider

art class reminders
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art class reminders