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a sandwich with meat, lettuce and radishes in it's wrapper
Baked beetroot falafels 2.0 - Lazy Cat Kitchen
Baked beetroot falafels 2.0 - Lazy Cat Kitchen
a white bowl filled with falafel and lettuce
Crunchy and Easy Lebanese Falafel (From Scratch)
Make the popular Lebanese street food in your kitchen from scratch. This crunchy Lebanese falafel recipe is from my Lebanese family’s recipe book, it’s easy, super delicious and on top of that it is gluten free.
a bowl filled with meatballs and vegetables on top of a pink napkin next to a fork
Spicy Falafel Recipe
Spicy Falafel (omit jalapeno for kids)
falafes on a plate with dip and lime leaves
Magical Green Falafel - Full of Plants
This Middle Eastern-inspired falafel is moist and fluffy on the inside, super crispy on the outside, and packs a ton of fresh herbs! This vegan falafel is the most delicious I have ever tasted! #falafel #vegan #lebanese
a piece of food that is on top of some paper and a fork next to it
Deep dish falafel pizza
a white plate topped with meatballs and parsley on top of a wooden table
Falafel (The Crispy Traditional Way) - Chef Tariq - Middle Eastern Recipes
a blue plate topped with falafel next to a bowl of ranch dressing
some food is stacked on top of each other in front of a bowl of soup
Falafel Recipe with Step By Step Photos - Homemade Chickpeas Falafel from Scratch
a stack of food sitting on top of a white plate next to lemon wedges
Fried Red Tomatoes in Air Fryer or Oil - How to Fry Tomatoes
a plate with some meatballs on it next to lemon wedges
Homemade Lebanese Falafel Recipe with Tahini Yogurt
some food is sitting on a table and ready to be eaten
Lebanese Falafel (Vegan Falafel Recipe)
some food is piled on top of each other with sesame seeds in the middle and an orange bowl next to it
عجة طعمية | نجلاء الشرشابي
a bowl filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table
عجة بيض بالطعمية | أميرة شنب