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a drawing of two people playing guitar and looking at each other's eyes while sitting down
there are many pictures on the wall with magnets attached to it and hanging from hooks
there is a wall hanging with different colored tassels and leaves on the branch
three pens are sitting on top of an open book and some black ink is next to it
Book Mandala
a painted sign that says choose to shine in front of pink flowers and green leaves
Choose to shine
a drawing of a woman's face in black and white on a sheet of paper
Mandala design by Anithraarun 🖤🧿
a drawing of a guitar with music notes on it
Guitar Art
Mandala pattern
a person holding up a yellow disk with bees on it in front of some trees
Vinyle 45 tours
a green sign that says home is where plants are hanging on a brick wall next to a potted plant
Home is where plants are!
there are many magnets on the wall with different words and pictures attached to them
someone is holding up a drawing of a cartoon character with an animal on it's back