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Funny Pictures Of Chris Tucker vs. Chinese Man

This is from the movie Rush Hour. you should watch it, its HILARIOUS!<<man it's been years sense I've seen this movie need to watch it again.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

Funny pictures about Making out at Legoland. Oh, and cool pics about Making out at Legoland. Also, Making out at Legoland.

Tumblr Gets Deep (20 Pics) – Pleated-Jeans.com

Emornilap has yet to make it into a printed dictionary

Fun new comic strip asks why gay men REALLY go to hell… · PinkNews

What even just happened?--- you know how people say "gay people go to hell"? This is a comic about God sending gay people to hell because the devil is gay and God is trying to set him up on a date

That's why we can't have nice things dept.

Everyone learned their lesson. It's what happens when you share a class with crazy people. <-- So what if he's sexually attracted to owls? Owls are fine with me.

17 Animals That Look Like Celebrities And Famous People

Love the cat named Hamilton though! My name is Cute-Kitty-Cat Hamilton. There's a million naps I need to take, but just you wait, just you wait.

Spongebob at it's best

Funny pictures about Life Underwater Has Physical Limitations. Oh, and cool pics about Life Underwater Has Physical Limitations. Also, Life Underwater Has Physical Limitations photos.