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a pan filled with meat and vegetables covered in sauce
Kofta & Potatoes in Tahini Sauce
Kofta & Potatoes in Tahini Sauce – Bon Appetit Baby!
someone is holding up some meat stuffed pita's with the title above it
Meat Stuffed Pitas (Arayes - Middle Eastern Recipe)
Meat-filled Arayes are Middle Eastern comfort food made with spiced and juicy beef stuffed inside a crispy pita and are a hit with everyone!
a close up of food on a plate with text overlay that reads maklouch seasoned rice with lamb and veggies
Makloubeh - Upside down Middle Eastern Rice Dish - Fufu's Kitchen
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a blue bowl filled with rice and meat covered in gravy next to a spoon
Zahra Bi'Laban - Fufu's Kitchen
Zahra Bi’laban is a very common Arab meal that is typically served in the winter as it is super comforting. Zahra Bi’laban translates to ‘cauliflower in yogurt’ in the English language. To be more descriptive, you can think of it as a homemade yogurt stew that has roasted cauliflower florets and tender pieces of lamb...
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a bowl filled with carrots, raisins and meat
Kabuli Pulao (Spiced Lamb Pilaf) from Afghanistan
Kabuli Pulao Recipe
a bowl filled with pasta and meat on top of a wooden cutting board next to chopsticks
Cumin Lamb Noodles
a black plate topped with meat and vegetables next to chopsticks on a table
Real-Deal Xinjiang Cumin Lamb (孜然羊肉)
Real-Deal Xinjiang Cumin Lamb (孜然羊肉)
meatballs and carrots are cooking in a pot on the stove top, ready to be eaten
Iraqi meatballs in sweet and sour apricot-tomato sauce - Vered's Israeli Cooking
a white plate topped with rice covered in meat
Jordanian Mansaf Recipe
Jordanian Mansaf Recipe - The Odehlicious
meatballs are cooking in a skillet on the stove top, ready to be eaten
Middle Eastern Style Meatballs – Fig & Olive Platter
How To Make Middle Eastern Style Meatballs
a roasting pan filled with chicken, potatoes and lemons on top of a table
Greek Style Kleftiko Lamb With Potatoes • Olive & Mango
a white plate topped with chicken wings covered in sauce and garnished with herbs
Grilled Orange & Za'atar Lamb Chops
a yellow and black bowl filled with meatballs covered in cheese, herbs and seasoning
Spiced Lamb Meatballs With Yogurt and Herbs Recipe
Spiced Lamb Meatballs With Yogurt and Herbs Recipe - NYT Cooking
two pictures of different types of food on top of each other with the title text overlay