Heartbreaking that people feel this way. 19 Grotesque Portraits Taken Directly After Plastic Surgery

19 Grotesque Portraits Taken Directly After Plastic Surgery

Ji Yeo asked Americans in Brooklyn, New York, to mark her own body with the question, “Where should I get plastic surgery?” as a response to her series of portraits "Beauty Recovery Room" of people taken directly after plastic surgery.

I think flaws and imperfections are beautiful. They make a person unique and different. If we didn't have imperfections, then we'd all be perfect, and perfect is boring.

Inspirational Quotes: A crooked smile is the quirkiest and sweetest breath of fresh air. When someone has a crooked smile I think they are beautifully flawed

Christian Sampson Photography 1 of 15 of mental illnesses. This one is anorexia.

My cousin helped me discover this photographer- Christian Sampson Photography 1 of 15 of mental illnesses. This one is anorexia.

SUBJECT MATTER: Wrinkled skin- a symbol of human growth and development of life. The skin cells and general texture of the flesh evolves as time goes by.

I love this photo because it does a great job of showing some extreme bags underneath her eyes. I also love the way her lips are shaped and think it could be a great character choice. But she also has beautiful eyes!

Justin Bartels, Impression ‘The series focuses on the clothing that women think they should wear, or are told what to wear, to impress someone in a sexual manner. There is a physical mark that is left from these clothes, showing the discomfort women go through.’

LGBT/Lifestyle (IMPRESSION Series showcasing what women go through to attract, shows the actual imprints left on their skin from the binding apparel they wear

There is a fine line between perfecting and perfectionism. Use your gift, but always be good to yourself!!! <3

Perfectionism is self abuse of the highest order. No, self-loathing bc of being "psycho" and not knowing how to fix the unfixable, is the highest point of self abuse.

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Jenny Saville & Glen Lunchford collaborative work from the series 'Close Contact'.This is one of my all times favourite pieces of work,I love it so much I forked out for the original exhibition catalogue


a glimpse of mental illness! This is an amazing interpretation of the anguish of mental illness. No laughing matter! Inspiration to layered etchings