minimal logo

MNML: uses a minimalist design and colour palette to portray the topic, and this logo design by its creator, graphic designer Cassandra Cappello, is a brilliant use of typography and negative space

trafiq letter blend

A beautiful use of playful, yet classic ligatures in this logo for a Budapest night club. Here the ‘r’ and ‘f’ in the logotype complete the letter next to them. It was designed by Miklós Kiss, a Hungarian graphic designer

indian dye paterns

Indian patterns indian Ornament _ from the book, "The grammar of ornament" __ Jones, Owen,

KCET 3D logo

KCET 3D logo

unit logo

Great 'White Space' - Notice how some lettering appears in negative space, but not all of it. When you look a second time, some of those letters suddenly reverse into positive space.

indian dye

Indian Batik Chevron Plum/Fuchsia/Yellow from From Textile Creations, this Indian Batik fabric is perfect for quilts, apparel and craft projects. Colors include fuchsia, orange, yellow and purple.