Danielle Carley

Danielle Carley

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"Wiggle cushion! This seriously works wonders for one of my ADHD kiddos. Pure magic, friends!"

These free printable birthday invitations are perfect for your next Disney Marvel Avengers or Superhero birthday party! Download these and the invites will be covered so you’ll have more time for the crafts and food- and cupcakes!

Vows turned into art. one of the cutest things i've ever seen. Hang that above the bed or somewhere you can see it everyday as a reminder of your love for one another and the promises you made.

Some people would say this to a husband or a wife. I think you should be able to say this to everyone you call your best friend... This should be what friendship and love is. Regardless if the kind. So to my friends and family... I love you. Always, Lys.