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The POD / Whiting Architects

The POD / Whiting Architects From the architect. Primarily designed from inside out for views & sun also conscience of creating very sculptural form; object in the landscape. Not to blend, but to sit in opposition, a manmade imposition. Removed all trace of archetypal house elements to produce a subtle blurring of the line between art and commerce.

Zeger Reyers works at the intersection of natural processes and man-made forms – allowing erosion and time to reclaim objects in some cases while simulating environmental objects or forces of nature in others.

I have long wished to visit this building in Tokyo. The use of man-made concrete and glass to evoke the natural form of tree branches is fascinating.

Irgendwo Anders photographed by Radek Brunecky. Obsessed by shape and form, it’s amazing when you see manmade spaces that give you a similar feeling to looking at a mountain

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